J Dilla (1974-2006) was an American record producer and rapper. He emerged during the mid-1990s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, Michigan.

Here is his music which we've used in SKELETON CREW:

Dillatronic 39 - J Dilla
Get Dis Money - Slum Village (Instrumental + Full Track)
Hold Tight - Slum Village
Jealousy - Slum Village
Center of the Movement - J Dilla
Pause - J Dilla 
The Factory - J Dilla
Requiem - J Dilla
City of Boom - J Dilla
Requiem - J Dilla

Collated by Composer and Sound Designer Nicola T. Chang & Assistant Sound Designer Heavadny Dianne C

Photo by Roger Erickson J Dilla in 2004 

Photo by Helen Murray above of Branden Cook in SKELETON CREW