Donmar Warehouse

Donmar on Design 2017

We regularly release interviews with the people behind our work, as well as recordings of events on our stage. You can listen to our full library of podcasts on Soundcloud or subscribe for free on iTunes.

Alongside Donmar on Design 2017, David Jays interviewed a number of the UK’s leading designers about three objects that have shaped their career.

Donmar on Design: Tom Scutt

Scalefigure Sketchbook Special Place


Donmar on Design: Rosie Elnile

An Unknown Island Dress on FIRE Stuarts field


Donmar on Design: Chloe Lamford

Image from a show Image from childhood 34405943053_e41f78c135_o
(Photo of St Chapelle by Jagrap on Flickr, used under Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC 2.0))


Donmar on Design: Tom Piper

A childhood memory  From a show Special Place


Donmar on Design: Vicki Mortimer

Family photo, 1964 An Inspector Calls


Donmar on Design: Ian MacNeil

Family photo, 1964 An Inspector Calls Follies 1971


Donmar on Design: Lizzie Clachan

breakfast treat bobby flyer special places 1