Access Scheme

We are delighted to announce we are now working with Nimbus Disability, and will be using their Access Card Scheme to Scheme to improve the ticket buying experience for Donmar customers with accessibility requirements.

About the new scheme
In order to ensure that our access support and ticketing is available for those who require these facilities we are introducing a level of validation with Nimbus’ widely recognised Access Card Scheme, and are asking all existing access customers to register for the new scheme. It's simple to do, and will also enable you to book online for access seats.

How to register
From 1 July 2024 all our access customers will require a Nimbus Access Card or free Donmar Warehouse Registration Number in order to be able to purchase tickets via our access scheme. The application process for the free registration can be found here. Once complete, it will last for 3 years. You can complete your registration from today.


Once you've registered
Once you have a registration number (or if you already have a current Nimbus Access Card ID), you will be able to connect your Nimbus and Donmar accounts quickly and easily. Your access requirements will be in your Donmar Warehouse account and you can browse performances and select your access tickets.

What if I've already got a Nimbus Access Card?
You will just need to visit this page to input your Access Card number to link your Donmar account.

We suggest that you apply for a Donmar Warehouse Access Registration Number and link your accounts before 30 June so that you can purchase the tickets that meet your access requirements.

Help and support
For help and support applying for your Access Card, please visit the Access Card Support Page by clicking here

If you have specific access requirements, do get in touch with our Access Team at and we will be more than happy to do all we can to make your visit a great experience.


What is the difference between an Access Card and a Donmar Warehouse Registration?

An Access Card is a universal way of conveying your access requirement with organisations and ticketing systems in the UK and beyond. You can purchase an Access Card for £15 for 3 years.

A Donmar Warehouse Registration is a free way of conveying your access requirements, locked to just Donmar Warehouse. You still go through the same process, but receive a digital number and no card. It lasts for 3 years and you can always upgrade to a full Access Card at any point.

How can I apply for a Donmar Warehouse Registration?

To apply for your Donmar Warehouse Registration, please click here. And go through the simple registration form and upload any validating evidence about your access requirements. Remember, you will only have to do this once and it will last for 3 years! 

Once I have a Donmar Warehouse Registration or Access Card, how do I use my Donmar Warehouse account?

Once you have your Donmar Warehouse Registration Number or to use your Access Card and you have linked your accounts, you will just need to log in to your Donmar Warehouse account here. If you previously did not have an account, you will need to log in with your email and click the forgotten my password link and you will be prompted to creat a password. Once you are in your account you can update your delts as well as seeing available ticket types.

Why is the process changing and how does this benefit me?

This will enable us to fully understand the access requirements of our customers and provide reasonable adjustments, such as access to certain seating and essential companion tickets. 

Nimbus is a Social Enterprise that has received international recognition for operating the Access Card Scheme. Nimbus is run by, and for, disabled people. The system offers greater privacy, as disabled people with access requirements will no longer need to carry supporting documents or explain circumstances to staff. You’ll only need to supply information once to the Access Card team, who can then issue you with your card or ID.

Our commitment to accessibility remains unchanged. Our friendly team is still here to support you if you have any questions or need assistance. For further support, please email