Environmental Action at the Donmar

Our belief in environmental responsibility

In the UK Climate Change Act 2008, the UK commits to reducing its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, compared to the 1990 baseline, and by signing the Paris Agreement in 2017, the UK has also committed to putting measures in place to limit global warming to under 2°C above pre-industrial times, and ideally under 1.5°C.

At the Donmar we are committed to contributing to these global ambitions. Underpinning all of our creative and organisational ambitions, we will keep environmental responsibility at the heart of our work whilst maintaining the high artistic standards for which we are known.

In recognition of our commitment to developing a less environmentally harmful approach to our work, we have been awarded a five (out of five) star Creative Industry Green certificate by leading arts sustainability consultants Julie’s Bicycle. 


Our environmental impacts

We continually monitor our environmental impacts in four key areas:

Buildings: energy use, water and waste at our Dryden Street offices and Earlham Street theatre
Production: energy use, waste and materials
Office: energy use, water, waste, printing, IT, supplies and services
Travel: business travel, staff commuting and audience travel

Our environmental commitments

Our environmental commitments are built on five pillars. The first four are based on the ‘waste hierachy’:

Refuse: first priority – only using the resources, products and services that we need
Reduce: second priority – reducing the use of resources, products and services wherever possible
Reuse: third priority – reusing or repurposing resources wherever we can
Recycle: fourth priority – disposing of waste or products that are no longer needed in the way that has the least impact on the planet

We believe that environmental responsibility must be preceded by equality: to reach climate justice for the planet we need to create fair relationships in all that we do and be attentive to social justice. As such, we have added a fifth pillar to the ‘waste hierachy’:

Reconnect – engaging and training staff, connecting with our local community and engaging audiences with environmental issues


How can you help us achieve our environmental commitments?

We value our audiences’ support in helping us achieve our environmental commitments. Here are two things you can do on your next visit to the theatre:

Request an e-ticket – when you book tickets for our productions online, you will automatically be offered an e-ticket. Choose this option and your ticket will be emailed to you. As well as having a lower environmental impact, this is also the quickest ticket option as all you have to do on your visit to the theatre is show the e-ticket to one of the Front of House team on your smart device.  There’s no need to print it!

Travel to and from the theatre on public transport – the Donmar is easily reached by train, tube and bus. For more information click here to visit tfl.org.uk and plan your route to the theatre.

If you have any feedback following a visit to the theatre or to one of our other events, please contact us by emailing marketing@donmarwarehouse.com