Young Creatives & Work Experience

We offer a range of programmes to support young people in getting hands-on experience of careers in the theatre industry

Junior Creative Assistants

Through our Junior Creative Assistants programme, you will have the opportunity to work with leading professionals in areas such as:

  • Directing
  • Lighting
  • Sound design
  • Set & costume design
  • Stage management

After a series of free introductory workshops, we will then invite you to apply for one of these five paid placements which will run during the rehearsal period.

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Pathways: Work Experience

Pathways introduces young people to the different routes into the industry and the breadth of roles available in departments including: producing, marketing, design, technical theatre and fundraising.

Each year, a cohort of young people are taken behind-the-scenes, working closely with the Donmar team and their peers to gain an insight into theatre-making beyond the rise and fall of the curtain. Working with real life tasks and scenarios, young people  gain a better understanding of what each role within the theatre entails. At the end of the week, they are supported in developing their own action plan for their next steps.

LOCAL Young Writers

Local 16-18 year olds are given the chance to tell the stories they want to tell, in the way they want to tell them. Through weekly writing workshops lead by professional playwright Molly Taylor, they develop their storytelling and playwriting skills, learn about the process of developing work for the stage, and are given access to leading professionals in the industry, receiving one-to-one sessions with mentors. The Writers eventually get to see a scene of their work on the Donmar stage, directed and performed by professionals.

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